Black Salve / Blood Root Paste / Indian Herb

I first learned of Blood Root Paste and Indian Herb by reading The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz.  He had recommended Indian Herb or Blood Root Paste for moles and skin cancers of all kinds, as well as internally for cancer, tumors, etc.  He had also recommended it in his book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.  I’d also have to be pretty certain he addresses it in his book Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism, but I have not read it yet – although I do plan to do so. He has also answered questions about it on, in the Ask Andreas forum – just do a search on either Indian Herb, or blood root paste. Basically, what he said was that Indian Herb or Blood Root Paste will attack a skin cancer, and kill all abnormal (cancerous, viral, bacterial) cells, and that it is so aggressive, that it will take out the abnormality right down to the root.  He also recommends that it can be tried for other things, such as warts or cysts.  So I’ve got a couple of moles, one or both of which has become raised and changed shape within the last few years (one is hard to see) – so I became intrigued with the information.  And I can definitely be dogged when it comes to researching something in which I am interested….

So I got very busy on Google, and started researching all I could about these Herbal Remedies.  First I learned that these salves, Indian Herb and Black Salve, all contain Blood Root, along with other herbs that do vary.  I have learned that these remedies will NOT attack any normal tissue, but ONLY tissue that is abnormal.  It generally takes a couple weeks, but it will separate the abnormal tissue from the healthy tissue, with quite a bit of pus formation, create a scab, and eventually the abnormal tissue will “fall out”, leaving a hole.  The “hole” will heal over, with minimal scarring, and one is left with only healthy tissue.  And – everyone warns (and I’ve seen a bunch of pictures so I can verify this), the process isn’t “pretty”. Well, wow!  No surgery (did they get it all??), no chemo or radiation (again, did they get it all?), without any of the side effects these can have!  Who WOULDN’T want that??  And WHY don’t people KNOW about these things??  Oh, yeah, they’re all following their MD’s advice.  Follow the money!! I found Indian Herb at, but there didn’t seem to be any “testimonials” at the site.  I know that some sites are very leery about publishing any.  But they do give some information about the product:

 The Indian Herb is a 100-year-old folk remedy used to attack disease and aid in the healing process. It is also often referred to as “X” or “Black Salve”. Indian Herb may be taken internally or applied externally to abnormal skin growths. It is a STRONG supplement and the directions included in its packaging MUST be carefully followed. Indian Herb contains the following herbs compounded into a paste with Mac-Life Water and other ingredients.

The main ingredients for Indian Herb are:

Yellow Dock contains iron and can improve the function of the liver, kidneys, lymph glands and intestines. It has been used for the treatment of jaundice and as a tonic for the stomach and improvement of general health.

Blood Root is considered highly effective for skin conditions,  gingivitis and plaque. Its primary alkaloid, sanguinarine, has been found to be a potent anti-cancer agent. It is prized for its ability to heal infections & stimulate healthy tissue growth.

Licorice Root appears to enhance immunity by boosting the level of interferon. It also contains powerful antioxidants and phytoestrogens. It has been historically used for treatment of chronic fatigue, viral infections, menopause, ulcers, fungal infections and arthritis.

Galangal Root has powerful antibacterial properties. In recent studies, it was also found to have anti-cancer activities. Galangal acts as an anti-oxidant and suppresses the genotoxicity of chemicals. Genotoxic substances are known to be potentially mutagenic or potentially cancerous.

As for Black Salve, I found a site that gave quite a bit of information about it, though it now appears to be defunct, but it DOES give quite a few testimonies to how well it works.  Be very cautious, though, the pictures on the site are NOT for the faint of heart!  The testimonials for these product were from the site, and the ingredients listed are red clover, graviola, burdock root, chaparral, bloodroot, and zinc mineral salts. I also found a great article on, which relates the following:

What if we told you there exists a blend of herbs so powerful, effective, and safe for treating cancer that no other conventional treatment even comes close? And what if we told you this same herbal formula only targets malignant cells while leaving healthy cells and other tissue alone? The formula in question actually does exist, and it is traditionally known as Indian black salve, a “magical” cancer cure of sorts that also safely treats viruses and many other health conditions without causing harmful side effects.


The miraculous healing power of bloodroot

But in truth, Indian black salve is one of the most powerful natural cancer treatments known to man. And this is primarily due to the fact that it contains bloodroot, a potent herb native to the United States and Canada that is already recognized among many in the natural health community as being effective in the treatment of warts, moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and skin cancer. But as it turns out, bloodroot is also effective internally as a treatment for ovarian, breast, bladder, bone and many other cancers


many people have successfully used it both externally and internally to treat all types of cancer, viral infections, gastrointestinal problems, and other conditions. Topically, Indian black salve can be applied directly to malignancies for rapid healing. Lifeline Water recommends mixing three grams of Indian black salve with four ounces of natural or bee pollen cream.

Internally, mixing a small amount of Indian salve paste about the size of half of an English pea in water or putting it into a capsule and taking it either once or twice a day, on a full stomach, can help effectively treat and eliminate cancer in as few as 20 days. Though the company is not permitted by law to explain these healing details with customers, many have used Indian black salve successfully to treat their cancers

It’s a short article, and definitely well worth the quick read. Cancer Recovery Guide:  15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health by Jonathon Chamberlain.

I am currently researching the story of Greg Caton, maker of Cansema, who was targeted by the FDA.  Very interesting story for a future blog.

WARNING:  Do NOT consider treating yourself with any “Black Salve” WITHOUT doing the proper research!!  While it works for most people, some people have had bad experiences with it, so you should educate yourself about those as well.  Be aware, though, that some of these reports are actually false, so as to scare people away from using black salves.  ALSO NOTE:  Videos and picture can be very graphic, and are NOT for the squeamish!

Please see the newly published Recommended Reading page for more information on this topic.

UPDATE:  I will post more on this subject in the future.  I have been truly fascinated by bloodroot and black salve products.  I have ordered the DVD One Answer to Cancer:  The Truth About Aldara and “Black Salve” in Melanoma Skin Cancer (DVD) by Elaine Hollingsworth, and am looking forward to watching it.  Again, I caution anybody considering this to do their research!!  Google, YouTube, etc.  And know all the pros and cons before trying this method.

More posts on Black Salve can be found here, including some experiments with it that I have posted here and here.


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